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Members of international expert jury 2020 Neum Animated Film Festival
António Costa Valente (Portugal) He produced and co-directed the first feature film of the Portuguese animation cinema “Até ao Tecto do Mundo”. As a director and producer, he has received more than three hundred awards at festivals on five continents. He produced works by the most awarded directors of Portuguese animation cinema, but also works of real image fiction, documentaries, television series and experimental works.

PhD in cinema, teaches at the University of Algarve, where he teaches animation. He has also been a guest professor at several higher education institutions. Plastic artist and cultural programmer, he has integrated organizing commissions and art juries and, above all, film festivals. He is the director of “Cine-Clube de Avanca”, “Portuguese Federation of Film Societies” (, “Academia Portuguesa de Cinema” (, “APCA - Association of Cinema and Audiovisual Producers” (, having previously chaired “Cartoon Portugal” and participated, among others, in the management bodies of “FPCA - Portuguese Federation of Cinema and Audiovisuals” and in the Board of Directors of “CARTOON - Association Européenne du Film d'Animation”.

He is coordinator of Europe at the “International Federation of Film Societies” ( and national of “INPUT-TV” (, an international conference that annually brings together public televisions from around the world. He is co-editor of the “International Journal of Cinema”, Directs the AVANCA Film Festival since 1997 (, the scientific conference AVANCA | CINEMA since 2010 ( and coordinates the “Prémio Eng.º. Fernando Gonçalves Lavrador ”, awarded annually to the best academic research on cinema.

Elma Tataragić (BiH) Elma Tataragić (1976) is a scriptwriter, professor and festival programmer. She graduated Dramaturgy at Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts and obtained her Master of Science degree and PhD in Film and Literature. She has been with Sarajevo Film Festival since it was founded in 1995, where she now works as selector for Competition Programs and CineLink Industry Days.

She co-wrote short film FIRST DEATH EXPERIENCE (2001) and wrote and produced short NORTH WENT MAD (2003), both directed by Aida Begić. She has produced and co-written the feature film SNOW (2008) also directed by A. Begić, shown in the Semaine de la critique at Cannes Film Festival 2008, where the film won the Grand Prix. The film has been shown at over 80 festivals and won over 30 international awards.

She has been teaching screenwriting at Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts since 2002, now as a professor and Dean for International collaborations and scientific-art research. She has been awarded Best Teacher at the Academy of Performing arts in 2008, 2011 and 2019. She was also awarded with “Ivica Matić” Association of Filmmakers Award in 2008 and 2016. She is member of European Film Academy and has published two books on screenwriting and is also works as a script consultant.

In 2016 she has completed her short fiction film I REMEMBER, which was screened and awarded at numerous film festivals. The feature film WHEN THE DAY HAD NO NAME (2017) directed by Teona Mitevska which she has co-written premiered in Panorama Special at Berlinale 2017. GOD EXISTS, HER NAME IS PETRUNYA, written by Elma Tataragić and directed by Teona S. Mitevska, has premiered at Berlin Film Festival Competition in 2019, while the film STITCHES, directed by Serbian director Miroslav Terzić and written by Elma Tataragić has opened in Panorama section. Both films are currently touring film festivals and winning awards including the Best Screenplay Award for Elma at Las Palmas Film Festival in Spain. She’s currently developing two new feature films and a new short experimental film.

She was General Secretary of the Association of Filmmakers in Bosnia and Herzegovina in period 2001-2019 and in 2019 she is elected president of the Association. She is also head of all the programs in the Association of Filmmakers.


2019 - STITCHES - Feature film - (screenwriter)
2016 - I REMEMBER - Short film - (director, screenwriter)
2011 - BODILY FUNCTION - Short film - (script consultant)
2010 - REVERSE - Short film - (script consultant)
2008 - SNOW - Feature film - (producer, screenwriter)
2003 - NORTH WENT MAD - Short film - (producer, screenwriter)
2001 - FIRST DEATH EXPERIENCE - Short film - (screenwriter)
2000 - PLUS MINUS - Short film - (director, screenwriter)


2019 - GOD EXISTS AND HER NAME IS PETRUNIJA, feature (screenwriter) - Berlinale 2019 Competition
2018 - A GOOD DAY FOR WORK (scripz editor)
2017 - WHEN THE DAY HAD NO NAME, feature (screenwriter)
2013 - HOLIDAY AT THE SEASIDE, short (script editor)

Iva Ćirić (Srbija) Was born in Belgrade in 1983. She graduated with a degree in Printmaking and Book design in 2009, and has a Ph.D. in Digital Arts from the University of Arts in Belgrade. Nowadays, she has finally found herself in drawing illustrations and directing animated short films. She is a member of ULUPUDS and one of the co-founders of UFAS. Currently living and working in Belgrade.

After having graduated, she continued with her studies at Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies at University in Belgrade, Digital Art Department where she graduated in 2015, with an artistic project called Ciklofonija-digital dynamic collage. She became an associate at Animation Department at Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She is a part-time lecturer at SAE Institute at Belgrade since 2018. She directed five short animated films, Kućica, Princeza na zidu, Spomenici i Smisao (deo projekta Radiovizija na tekst Meše Selimovića), which have been selected at many international festivals in the world. Florigami was her latest film done in co-production with Croatia and Serbia. She has been a member of an organization and artistic team of Balkanima festival (European Festival of animated film in Belgrade), ever since Balkanima was founded in 2004.

She has been a festival artistic director from 20014-2017 and has continued to run it successfully. As an author, she has participated many different international festivals of animated film and participated as a juror or a member of selection committee at a Festival in Hiroshima, Varna, Monstra, Animanimi…She held a number of workshops for students and held lectures in Banja Luka, Venice, Denmark, Belgrade…

Dragan Marijanović (BiH) Was born in Metković in 1958 and is a journalist and a writer. During his long career in journalism, he has worked for Večernji List, Slobodna Dalmacija and other weekly and daily newspaper, especially for weekly magazines and literary periodicals. His first novel Ljiljanov san has has nine editions and overall publications of 90 000 copies, also awarded by Koćićevo Pero.

Along with that novel, he has published a monography for Matica Hrvatska Mostar „Široka su majčina polja“, a collection of journalist prose „Ja uvik iđen dalje“ in 2004. and two years later a travelogue „Bosna kakvu manje znam – Tešanjski putopis“. Last year he published a manuscript „Dolina vranina kljuna“ which was awarded by the Fundation for literature in BiH. He has been awarded for his short novels (Brkina vremena), short stories (Pismo), and his poems, essays and manuscripts have been published in many local literary magazines.

He has been awarded for a screenplay named „Čardak“ by the Foundation for Cinematography. He is a substitute of the executive editor of the Matica Hrvatska magazine „Motrišta“ and member of the editorial board DIWAN. During the last years, all his texts on culture, literature, art and music as well as manuscripts, travelogues etc. have all been published in Sarajevo dailypaper Oslobođenje. He was named the journalist of the year in 2009. in BiH. He is a member of the Poet Society in BiH and member of the steering comittee of P.E.N Centre in BiH. Currently living in Mostar and writing from wherever he can.

Vjeran Šalamon (Hrvatska) is a multimedia artist, composer and a sound designer. He has been working as a composer and sound designer on more than 70 movies (including shorts, animated movies, documentaries and feature films), numerous theatre performances and multimedia exhibitions. Recent highlights include music and sound design for Croatian pavilion on EXPO exhibitions :

2005, Japan, Aichi
2008, Spain, Zaragoza
2010,La Biennale di Venezia, 12th International Architecture Exhibition, Croatian pavilion
Multimedia design for Nikola Tesla memorial museum in Smiljan, 2006.

Music and sound design for several major exhibitions:

Art of persuading, Museum for arts and crafts, Zagreb 2006
Anima mediterranea, Barcelona, 2007.
Gave gold for iron, Historical museum, Zagreb 2007.
El Shatt, Historical museum, Zagreb 2007.
2000 years of Aundautonia, Archeological museum, Zagreb 2007.
No_Place, Embassy Court Brighton, collaboration with Kate Genevieve and University of Sussex, Brighton UK, 2011.
Heroes, Historical museum, Zagreb 2011.
Impulse, collaboration with Kate Genevieve and Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, 2012.
Gnalić, Historical museum, Zagreb 2013.
Stalni postav Ivanina kuća bajki, Ogulin 2014.
Stalni postav Dvorac Eltz, Vukovar 2014.
Slike velikog rata, Historical museum, Zagreb 2014.

Music for animated movies:

Kamov, omnibus, 2003.
Complex Premonition, dir.Dušan Gačić, 2004.
Little house on the tree, dir. Darko Kreč, 2005.Special jury prize, Animafest 2006.
Date, dir.Darko Bakliza, 2006, Annecy 2006, official selection Soldat, dir. David Bonnot, 2007, best short on several festivals: Maremetraggio 2007, Dokufest 2007, Mauvais 2007.
Alea jacta est, dir.Dino Krpan 2007, best experimental at Aubagne Festival 2007,
Homo Volans, dir.Darko Bakliza, 2008, best short at Ismailia Festival, Egypt, 2008
Cristobal Colon, Duško Gačić and Ljupče Đokić, 2009.
Rotators, Tomislav Findrik, 2009., Animafest Zagreb official selecion 2009.
Format, Darko Bakliža, 2010, BEST SHORT EXPERIMENTAL FILM AWARD at Adana Golden Boll Film Festival in Turkey
Man Drawing, dir. Ljupče Đokić, 2012.
I already know what i hear, Darko Masnec, Gran Prix 3rd Croatian animation festival, Zagreb 2012.
Clockwork Heart, dir.Manuel Šumberac, 2013.
Bei meir, dir. Darko Bakliža, 2013.
Lust, dir. Ivana Jukić Pranjić, 2013.
Omega, dir. Tomislav Findrik, 2013.
Wiener Blut, dir. Zlatko Bourek i Pavao Štalter, 2014.
Zašto su došli vlakom, dir.Joško Marušić, 2014.

Feature films:

String of life, Igor Filipović, 2000, HR
Keeping up with Jones, dir.Johnatan Slonimsky, 2006, USA
Performance, Dan Oki, 2010, HR, Pula film festival 2010 official selection
Duh Babe Ilonke, Tomislav Žaja, 2011, HR, Pula film festival 2011 official selection
Mrak, Dan Oki, 2011, HR, Pula film festival 2011 official selection
Oproštaj, dir. Dan Oki, 2013 Pula film festival 2013 official selection


Luce i Mare, dir. Dan Oki 2011.
Od do, Miranda Herceg, 2012., 21. DHF Zagreb, Oktavijan prize for best short experimental 2012 Zagreb, 25fps Zagreb 2012 official selection, Best experimental Aubagne film festival 2013.
Mon dernière sauvage 2012., dir. Miranda Herceg, One shot film festival Zagreb 2012 official sélection.
Transfinitan, dir. Brian Willems, 2012.
Utvrda Utopija, dir.Sandra Sterle, 2014.
Camera Obscura, dir. Stanko Herceg, 2014.

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