NAFF / Neum Animated Film Festival

2011 Neum Animated Film Festival (Neum 26.06.2011. - 02.07.2011.) After afive-day long screening of the animated films at the terase of the Sunce hotel in Neum, members of the expert jury have selected awarded films in five categories.The awards have been given for the best 2D animation, 3D animation, other techniques, best music and visual effects.

- Grand prix: Francuski film "The Gloaming" autora Niko Nobrain
- Najbolji 2D film: Francuski film Četverooki Specko" autora Jean-Claude Rozec
- Najbolji 3D film: Poljski film "Putevi mržnje" autora Damiana Nenowa, 
- Najbolji film lutke-plastelin: "Dječak Žir" autorice iz Latvije, Dace Riduze
- Najbolja muzika: Iranski film „Tihi grad“ autora Amira Mehrana
- Najbolji grafički art i dizajn: Hrvatski autor Andrej Rehak, film „Ubrzanje"
- Najbolji studentski film: „Plava Crvena“ slovakinje Daniele Krajčove
Members of international expert jury 2011 Neum Animated Film Festival
  Zoran Đerić, born in 1960. in Bačko Dobro Polje, Vojvodina,Serbia, currently living in Novi Sad and Banja Luka). He is a professor at the Academy of arts in Banja Luka,teaching History of film and Theory of film. He is dean for history and theory of theater,film and TV, on Study programme of dramatic art. He is the artistic director of the International festival of animated film in Banja Luka. He is director of the Novi Sad Youth Theatre. He is also a poet and translator from Slovenian languages (russian, polish, czech, bulgarian...). He published ten books of poems, translated works of many russian and polish writers. Author of several monographies.
  Bill Plympton, born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Bill Plympton moved to New York City, upon graduation from Portland State University in Graphic Design. He began his career creating cartoons for publications such as New York Times, National Lampoon, Playboy and Screw. In 1987 he was nominated for an Oscar for his short “Your Face”. After producing many shorts which appeared on MTV and Spike and Mike’s, he turned his talent to features. Since 1991 he’s made 9 feature films, 6 of them, “The Tune”, “Mondo Plympton”, “I Married A Strange Person”, “Mutant Aliens”, “Hair High” and “Idiots and Angels” animated features. In 2005, Bill’s received another Oscar nomination, this time for a short film “Guard Dog”.

  Maja Bektašagić, the director of the Redaction of programme for culture on FTV. She’s been in journalism for 16 years. As a professional she has started working on RTVBiH where she worked at the Informative programme, stories and documentaries. She was born iin 1976. Living and working in Sarajevo.

  Krešimir Zimonić, was born i 1956. in Đurđenovac. He went to elementary schoold in Vinkovci and then to school of fine arts in Zagreb. He studied at the Academy of arts in Zagreb where he lectures in the animation and multimedia department since 2002. He is one of the most respectable comic book authors and the most outstanding representatives of the younger generation of the Zagreb animated film festival. He publishes his illustrations and comic books continiously since the middle of 70s. Since 1979. he starts working on animated film professionally, as an animator in the begining and since 1983. he directs films independently. He participated at many art exhibitions. He recieved many international and local awards and recognitions. He is one of the co-foundors of the Croatian society of comic book authors and has been its chairman for many years. He has been a member of the Council of the Animated film festival in Zagreb.

  Mili Tiro, was born in 1964.Since his early age he has been an active musician and a participant of the relevant festivals. Since 1998. he has worked at the Music centre Pavarotti where he works as a coordinator of programme,projects and public relations for that institution. He has participated in organisation of four state festivals of songs for children and iniciated an international Mostar Blues Festival. Producent of celebrating the anniversary of renovating the Old bridge. He has been a member of the borad of directors for the state music awards “Davorin”. For four years he has been a producer of the New Year welcoming at the open area(Spanish square in Mostar).
Films in competition 2011 Neum Animated Film Festival
1. Cormac Langan   L'AMOUR DE LA MAIN 03:42  UK
2. Anton Dyakov BACH  05:50 Russia
3. Alexsandra Shadryna COAST WARNING 07:50 Russia
4. Liz Skaggs THE LAST THREAD  06:59 USA
5. Necho Pesquera YAKU  08:00 Spain
6. Jotoni   BEAN SOCIETY 02:00 Spain
7. M. Jarmulski GUIDE 07.00 Poland
8. D. Krajčova   BLUE RED  06:26 Slovakia
9. J Skibinski LIZARD   02:36 Australia
10. F Fillipi MRCOCO IN LOVE  05:50 Czech Republic
11. D. Nenow  PATS OF HATE 10:00 Poland
12. V Gospodinova  THE LIGHTHOUSE  04:50 Bulgaria
13. M.Mirchev ZU ZU    03:33 Bulgaria
14. B. Smith Sleigh Ride 10:00 UK
15. D Riduize ACORN BOY     10:00 Latvia
16. J Cimermanis   TIGER     08:00 Latvia
17. A Rehak ACCELERATION 11:00 CRO
18. N Slijepčević   DOGG/RABBIT   12:10 CRO
19. O Uzhinov   TRACKS OF UNKNOWN 07:00 Russia
20. Olga Baulina First time in first grade  07:00 Russia
21. D Kiknavelidze  VACUUM  05:47 USA
22. PStol    AUSSICNT  02:47 Germany
23. M Sukikara WALKIN'S ON SNOW..    06:15 Japan
24. JS Rozec   SPECKY LOVE EYES   09:00 France
25. Jacob Frey, Harry Fast BOB    03:15 Germany
26. A Boeve  THE SQUIREL…  06:40 Netherland
27. Nobrain THE GLOAMING 14:00 France
28. Z. Czapla THE RITUAL 05:33 Poland
29. Milan Marić ONE CITY ONE STORY     07.24 Srbija
30. Dominik Hogn   THE INTERN   04:30 Germany
31. N.G. Blanco   SUNDAY EXCURSION.  04.45 UK
32. Sarah Van Den Boom  THE SKELETON WOMAN 09:10 France
33. G Cuveler   LOVE PATATE   13:48 France
34. M Dufourd  BROTHER BENOIT  08:00 Switzerland
35. T Acacik DON'T GO  03:51 Turska
36. Simone Massi     CLOUDS, HANDS 08:00 Italy
37. T Baginski     THE KINEMATOGRAPH 12:00 Poland
38. A Merhan    SILENT CITY      07:00 Iran
39. N Bojko  LETTER TO A LEARNED 08:00 Russia
40. M Dvoryankin     THE WOMEN'S 08:50 Russia
41. M Salim WHAT'S UP    05.36 Finland
42. Brandon Bergger  Nostalgija    04:16 USA
43. Abdulah Badvewy  Two 06:00 USA
44. Chrystin Galvand MONDE    02:25 USA
45. José Ángel Alayón IN INSOMNIA 05:00 Spain
46. Eva Skurska THE KINGDOM OF CUT..  06:50 Czech republic
47. Cesar Urbina Victoria AKERBELTZ, THE WICHES… 10:29 Spain
48. Joel Mann DOZEFEVATU   02:34 USA
49. J. Armstrong    THE TERIBLE THINK OF ALPHA-9 06:00 USA
50. Francesco Filippi LOSER LEG 08:20 Italy
Panoram 2011 Neum Animated Film Festival
1. Mark Adamson PURE FUNK 03:02 UK
2. Mathew Waldren THE  CONQUESTADOR 04:45 UK
3. Enis Čišić A.I.M. 05:55 BiH
4. Daniela Sherer OVERNIGHT STAY 08:26 Israel
5. Julia Postavskaya THE PLAYMATE 10:55 Russia
6. Anna Shepilova JALIL 04:48 Russia
7. Elena Rogova LISTEN TO ME 04:21 Hungary
8. Requel Grisales PUZZLE ME 05:50 Spain
9. Miroslav Mirchev THE CONQUERORS 03:33 Bulgaria
10. K.Steibacher DANCE OF DEATH 04:00 Slovenia
11. P.Olga P.T.TOMATO STORY 03:50 Russia
12. Dino Krpan STANGE INVENTION 06:15 Cro
13. J.Stelizuk MUSHROOMS OF THE STORM 10:00 Poland
14. J.Steilizuk THE GREEN PENCIL 10:00 Poland
15. E,D. VRANDUK 03:00 BiH
16. F. Bertin VENUS DE RABO 09:42 France
17. ID Barriuso NOCTA  10:50 Spain
18. P. Baunton SAVE OUR BACON 13:00 UK
19. J Konopka UNDERLIFE 08.32 Poland
20. A Borowa TEAR ME 06:00 Poland
21. I Jukić  THE SOUL 09:26 Cro
22. S Shafipour ABOVE THE GREY CLOUDS 08:00 Iran
23. I Findeisen MERCURY BIRD 09:27 Germany
24. A Gubencu VIVE LA CRISE    03:10 Romania
25. J Leikaite LAIMA DETERMINES.. 13:30 Lithuania
26. R Bekes TRAM 05:42 Hungary
27. Z Horvath ON FIRE 08:00 Switzerland
28. JM Duperrex OBESE BLUES 08:00 Switzerland
29. R Kelly PAPERMAN 05.23 Ireland
30. N Vakalis HUMAN NATURE 03.10 Greece
31. J Blank COOKED 06:55 UK
32. E Sokolova SILLY     14:00 Russia
33. A TylevichNASA „A VOLTA“ 04:25 USA
34. FJASantos DREAMING OF HOLE LIFE 04:30 Spain
35. E. Baxter LIGHT 08:25 Canda

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