NAFF / Neum Animated Film Festival

Press conference / KC Abrašević, Mostar 2017 Neum Animated Film Festival

„We have had quite a few problems during the official selection process because all of the films are amazing! In the end, the official selection included 55 films from 28 countries while panorama program included 20 films.“- said mr. Rajič.

Rajič added that once again this year, NAFF would be giving eight awards selected by the jury but that this year's novelty is a Dušan Vukotić award dedicated to a famous Oscar award winner who was born in Bileće and was one of the great initiators of animation in ex-Yugoslavia.

NAFF is also including the OSCE award for the final ceremony (third year in a row now) for a film that best depicts a subject of human rights, tolerance and peace. Ivanka Arapović Galić, the representative from Posušje added that Posušje is becoming a part of NAFF tradition within the cultural event Posuško lito. Projections of NAFF in Posušje are starting the same day as NAFF in Neum, July 24th, while in Mostar will follow one day later. Vladimir Ćorić from the OKC Abrašević also expressed his gratitude with NAFF cooperation, emphasizing how it enriches their Mostar summer culture scene.

Jurinko Rajič said that in his 12 years of NAFF activity, not one author had asked for a financial compensation for screening of their film. In other words, all those films (700-800 of them) have been given to the festival projections for free in service of animation propaganda and even more so- allowed to screen freely throughout the whole year.

Sponsors of NAFF are the following: Croat member of the Presidency, mr. Dagan Čović, Federal Ministry of culture and sports, Fundation for cinematography of Bosnia and Herzegovina, HNŽ government, Tourist community of HNŽ and American Embassy to BiH. Partner of the festival is OSCE mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina- said Sanja Rajič Banjac, the festival producer.

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