NAFF / Neum Animated Film Festival

Party on a draft - shells, fish, wine and dancing animators 2018 Neum Animated Film Festival

High noon on Tuesday, July 4, was the day of Neum bay boat-trip. With the sound of Dalmatian music, a cup of local rakija and unsteady sea waves, our authors had a chance to enjoy the view of a richly built Neum city on one side but also the wild, uninhabited nature on the other end of the coast.

They made a stop at the very center of the sea, where a huge restaurant on a raft was awaiting with a culinary surprise. They spent the entire afternoon enjoying the local kitchen: shells, fish and wine. Inspite of the cold sea and southern wind, they were swimming and jumping enthusiastically, dancing in the sun to the sound of Dalmatia and curiously taking out the mussles on a rope beneath the raft where they are grown. The party and good vibes continued later in the evening during the projections of the competition program.

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