NAFF / Neum Animated Film Festival

NAFF 13th - officially opened in Neum 2018 Neum Animated Film Festival

International festival of animated film was officially opened on Saturday, June 30, at the Hotel Sunce terrace.Official selection offers 56 and panorama 17 animated films during the festival days.

Similarly to previous years, we have had a number of respected guests from different areas of public, cultural and political spheres. The office of the Croat Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been our high sponsor for three years now and Igor Planinić, the counselor of the Croatian member of the Presidency of BiH greeted all of our guests and authors.

Executive producer, Ms. Sanja Rajič Banjac, handed in a number of tokens of gratitude to many loyal friends of NAFF without whom, as she stated, this festival would have been impossible to hold.

OSCE Mission to BiH was given one of those tokens of gratitude, as well as the United States Embassy to BiH, both of whom have been long time friends of the festival.

Many years of hard work and commitment have resulted in NAFF becoming a festival of global importance. During the past 12 years of its existance, NAFF has surpassed the margins of a small local festival and grown into a representative brand of Neum as well as the region. Ivo Čolak, the President of Bosnian and Herzegovinian Federal Fund of Cinematography, also agreed on this and added that NAFF isn't simply the largest film, but also cultural manifestation in the region.

Jurinko Rajič, the artistic director and creator of NAFF, eventually opened the festival, after which the guests and authors enjoyed the fireworks and after-party by the pool.

Aside from Neum, all the films will be screened simultaneously at two locations in Mostar as well: OKC Abrašević and Pavarotti Center. The projections start at 9PM and they are free of charge.

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